Dangerous Goods Classification


Flares, safety cartridges, primers cap type, ammunition, caps for toy pistols, fireworks

Flammable Gases

Aerosols, L.P. gas, butane cigarette lighters

Non Flammable

Non Toxic Cylinders of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, fly sprays, fire extinguishers

Toxic Gas

Chlorine gas, insecticides and nitric oxide

Flammable Liquid

Some essential oils, methylated spirits, petrol, paints, white spirits, most perfumes, finger nail polish

Flammable Solid

Safety matches sulphur, barbeque starters

Spontaneously Combustible Substances

Phosphorus, other powders, sodium hydrosulphate

Dangerous When Wet

Sodium metal, other metal powders, magnesium alloys

Oxidizing Substance

Some pool chemicals, bleaches, nitric acid, hair dyes

Organic Peroxide

Fibreglass repair kits

Toxic Substances

Many agriculture chemicals, herbicides and insecticides, chloroform

Radioactive Material

Medical isotopes, scientific samples, some smoke detectors


Battery acid, spirits of salts, sanitizing agents, mercury

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Dry ice, batteries, life saving appliances - may contain dangerous goods such as matches and flares

Magnetized Material


Cryogenic Liquid

Containers for carriage of semen used in animal or human reproduction programmes