Freight Services

Freight and Excess Luggage Charges

Point to Point Freight Services

Important Notice:

Insurance on freight sent with Tambray Coaches is not supplied by Tambray Coaches, therefore it is expected and recommended that the sender take out sufficient insurance to cover the replacement cost of items being freighted, as either envelope/satchel, parcel of bulk freight. Hoverboards will not be carried. Parcel Freight: Note: each individual parcel must not exceed 20 kg in weight. On measuring, if any dimension (as listed below) is exceeded then freight will not be carried.

Minimum charge $ 30.00
40cm height x 40cm width x 40cm length $33.00
50cm height x 50cm width x 50cm length $44.00
60cm height x 60cm width x 60cm length $55.00
70cm height x 70cm width x 70cm length $66.00
80cm height x 80cm width x 80cm length $77.00

Bikes: $30

All individual items of freight exceeding 20 kg’s in weight or the maximum dimensions of 80cm x 80cm x 80cm, or both, will be considered bulk freight, and therefore will not be carried.

Please note that there is no guarantee that freight will travel on the day requested however every attempt will be to carry freight

Passenger Excess Luggage:

A charge of $10.00 per item applies.

Any items exceeding 20Kgs will be charged as below:

Weight (Kg) Cost ($) (per item)
1-5                  $10.00
6-10                $15.00
11-15              $20.00
16-20              $25.00
21-25              $40.00
26-30              $45.00

Passengers traveling with the following Items

*Bikes $30.00
*Surf Boards $30.00
*Golf Clubs $10 - $30
*Please note that depending the amount of passenger luggage that there is no guarantee that these items will travel

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